Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, September 19

I woke up this morning with no news on the promotion front and plenty of news on the Scottish independence front. I don't have any Scottish heritage, nor am I particularly invested in the Scottish National Party, but it feels a bit disappointing. In a strange way, my anticipation of job news was tangled up in the energy surrounding the Scott's voting day. The moment right before something is decided has a lot of possibility. I thrive in those moments, I think.

Anyways, happy Friday! I'm visiting Salem next weekend which ought to be lovely and mystical. Fingers crossed for the promotion, etc etc. .

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Witches' Dance

There has been a resurgence of interest in the mystical that has come on slowly, steadily over the past few years. Do you feel it? I certainly do. I saw it summed up best in the New York Times, of all places: "I think it's a nostalgia that people have for a sense of enchantment with the world."

I like to consider the possibility (noncommittally, at least) that the world is hiding some magic somewhere.

Happy (almost) autumn  XX

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Peaches

A few days ago, we found out that the peach orchard down the street is ready for picking. I've gone apple picking many times -- nothing feels more like fall than a crisp afternoon in an apple orchard -- but I had never gone peach picking.

The orchard is a few hundred feet down the road from us, tucked away down a wooded drive. We walked away with entirely too many peaches. I'm eating one now, and will probably have a few each day with enough to spare for a pie.

Going peach picking soon? Here are a few tips:

1. Unless you like really firm, tart peaches, pick the ones that "give" a little 
when you squeeze them (gently!). Peaches don't ripen once they
 are off the tree, they only become softer.

2. Use the pads of your fingers to twist the peaches from the stem -- the soft 
fruit is incredibly quick to bruise, and peaches that are "ready" 
will come right off the stem anyway.

3. Watch out for all of the bees! 

4. When you get home, separate any bruised fruits. These can be cut up for
 canning or freezing, but shouldn't be kept with the other peaches.  

A Rare Thursday Off

Big plans for today (relatively speaking): sleeping in until 8, black coffee, a long shower, peach picking, lunch downtown.

Happy Thursday! Remember to enjoy all of the little things today.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 6, Photo Diary

Today was beautiful, and foggy, and long-lasting. We took a walk to the cove near my house and stumbled upon some brains and a huge piece of driftwood I almost took home. It's dark now but it's still muggy, so I have the fan blowing. It's always a little tricky to fall asleep with the noise, but I think we'll make out alright tonight. I hope you're enjoying the last few days of summer, too.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Around This Time, Last Year

Sometimes the years seem to blur together, but when you take a close look back at them they don't seem so similar after all.

Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5, 82 degrees

Fall has been creeping in slowly, but today is feeling awfully summery. We'll need wood for the stove soon, but not just yet. Let's enjoy these last few days, eh?

Six Ways to Use Crystals in Home Decor

I began my crystal collection back in middle school, around the time my friends and I thought we could learn mystical secrets through the right pairing of incense, crystals, and potions (incidentally, this was just before we came to terms with the fact that we weren't going to get our letters from Hogwarts.) After rediscovering the old wooden box that contained the collection, I've been finding ways to incorporate the small treasures into my surroundings. These are some of my favorites. 

1. Arranged on a surface   This works best on a simple, uncluttered table or shelf.

2. Collected in a handmade display   You can buy the one pictured here. Or, if you're feeling handy, you can scrap together one of your own.

3. Tossed into a bowl   A close cousin to arranging them on a table. Leaving crystals out in a bowl invites guests to pick them up and rifle through the collection.

4. As a solitary statement piece   A favorite piece of crystal can easily stand alone as a statement piece on a bedside table or end table. (A larger stone is especially striking.)

5. Tucked into a garden wall   If you're lucky enough to have a large geode, you can add a bit of magic to your garden by tucking the sucker alongside other stones in a rock wall. 

6. Bookending your library   These beautiful geodes can be purchased on Etsy, but any set of heavy crystals make for stunning bookends. 

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Memories of Beantown

I lived here for a while. I think I'll always prefer life in the country, but Boston really surprised me.