Monday, June 22, 2015

So, looks like I let another month slip by without a check-in. Oops. It has been a busy month, though, because we bought a house. On a whim (basically).

We had been looking for an apartment somewhere along the train line for a while, but Drew found a rad house and we decided to take a look at it. Start to end, the process took two days (the house was only on the market for those two days!) It's a really neat, 100-year-old bungalow, and it's the perfect size for us. We're formally closing at the end of July, which leaves plenty of summer nights for our new yard.

I'm super excited to live with Drew in a more serious way, and I'm really looking forward to making the space feel like home. Money is going to be tight for a while (duh), but I found a few cheap essentials on Craigslist and Overstock that have me really excited (I don't know if I ever imagined I could be excited for a couch to arrive in the mail.)

Speaking of finances, I've also picked up a freelancing gig at one of my favorite publishing houses. The work will be sporadic for a while, but it'll be a nice way to make a little extra on the weekends. (I've got my eyes on you, pendant lights...)

In other news, I'm on the hunt for a new favorite under-$10 bottle of wine. If you like the same reds as me (bold, full of tannins), check back every now and then -- when I find a gem, I'll post it.

Happy first full day of summer to all of you!


  1. I do like full, bold reds, so I will be checking in on that. Right now I'm totally on the Trader Joe's wine budget though so I hope you find some goodies. Congratulations on your house!!! It looks so lovely!

    1. If you ever find a bottle of "Moon Eyes" by Lapis Luna, get it. It's usually closer to $15, but it's so damn good. (It's also really hard to find, unfortunately.)

      Thanks for the congrats! I'll share pics of the cool ~vibes~ inside once we're settled in :)

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    1. ;) thanks for the comment, I always like finding new blogs