Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Witches and Spice Bottles

One of the perks of having your own place is being able to shape the ~feel~ to match your aesthetic. For example: I would love to live in Miyazaki's bathhouse or one of the his witch-houses, so I'm arranging and displaying spices in a way that feels about the same. I would love to have an authentic, floor-to-ceiling apothecary drawer filled with spices and herbs -- for now, this is a close second. Don't ever be afraid to favor your soul's aesthetic over practicality. Indulge!


  1. Where did you find these? I would love to set up something similar in my home since I tend to have a "witchy" aesthetic myself.

    1. I found these at Michaels for around $1 a piece (maybe less, it has been a while). If you're going to pick some up, I would check the corks to make sure they seal the bottle adequately -- there were a few in the store that didn't fit quite right. If you're using the bottles to store spices or herbs, a tighter seal will keep the contents fresh for longer. Good luck with your hunt!